Sincerely Polish - Murder Mystery Collection

Hiya guys. TGIF. I apologize for missing a post yesterday, I had family from down from Peru unexpectedly and well...  chaos. I'm so over it right now though. If I stopped and thought about it all I'd probably rage and hulk out. Then we'd probably have a real murder mystery on our hands. Speaking of which (I'm so not sly I know), today I have another Fall collection to share with you guys. Let me introduce the Murder Mystery collection by Sincerely Polish based on the infamous game of Clue. Not just a game, but also a movie with very lively characters. It's definitely a classic! The polishes in this collection are based on each one of the iconic characters we've all come to know and love. Seriously even those who aren't too familiar with the movie know the references. And for the record, my money was always on Professor Plum lol.

Sincerely Polish - Murder Mystery Collection

The Murder Mystery Collection by Sincerely Polish was released this morning and is available for purchased. You have the option of buying this collection as a set or picking them out individually. Now let's take a closer look at these beauties.

Sincerely Polish Mrs Peacock

Mrs. Peacock is a gorgeous pearlescent polish with teal undertones. Although I absolutely love the color, I did experience some trouble with the formula. My first swatch was a bit thick and caused bubbles in the finish, after putting some thinner I reswatched to the outcome you see here. Karen has already addressed the issue for the batches for her release and you guys shouldn't have the same problems as I did. I used three thin coats (making sure to give some drying time between layers) and sealed with a topcoat.

Sincerely Polish Mrs Peacock

Mr. Green is a shade of forest green with silver holographic dust and gold shimmer. One of my favorites, Mr. Green has got it going on. I love the shimmer! And better yet, I love how the color against my skin tone. Swatched using three thin coats and sealed with a topcoat. Great formula and consistency, no problems to report with the application.

Colonel Mustard is a sunny yellow polish with a slight shimmer finish. It's a bright yellow, not quite as mustard colored as I thought it would be. I'm a fan of the color, just not on my skin tone. You guys know how picky I am. Swatched using three coats and sealed with a topcoat. Another good formula, easy to work with application. I recommend letting it dry a little between layers to avoid clumping.

Ms. Scarlet is a seductive holographic red jelly. Definitely my top pick and must have from this collection. This polish embodies Ms. Scarlet perfectly. It's sexy, alluring, and fierce all rolled into one to make you drool. Excellent formula and consistency. Sheer in one coat, I used three thin coats and sealed with a topcoat for an extra squishy finish.

Mrs. White is packed with micro black and white glitters sprinkled with silver holographic dust, giving it a textured finish. I was not expecting to love this one as much as I do. The texture took me by surprise, in a good way. You do have to be careful with the application, may require some dabbing. I used three thin coats and stealed it with a glossy topcoat. Normally a topcoat would lessen the texture, however, it did not lessen it at all for me. I found this to be fantastic, not only do I get a glossy look but also keep the texture!

Last but not least, Professor Plum is a shimmery grape polish. Another excellent color and finish, really compliments each other. Really good formula and consistency, but it really requires you to give it some time to dry between layers.

Overall I really like a lot of the polishes in this collection, some really interesting shades for the season. I can definitely see myself using a lot of these as bases for some nail art in the future. Another plus in this collection is the variation in color and finishes, it's always nice. The Murder Mystery by Sincerely Polish was released this morning and is available for sale only in full sizes and as a complete set. A little birdie told me there is a sale going on right now and it's a pretty sweet deal, check out Sincerely Polish on Instagram to find out the details.

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  1. Mr Green looks like such a gorgeous shade! Great post, and lovely photos xx

    Leah Talks