MTL Polish: True Blood Collection Pt 2

Hiya guys. This week is flying by so quickly that I'm not even sure what day it is anymore haha. Okay, to be honest sometimes I even forget what year it is. But enough of me and my nutty head, I have a new collection to show you guys. Back in June I covered the first half of the True Blood inspired collection by My True Love Polish and now it's time to cover the second half! Before I do, I have to give a big congratulations to Cherise who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy between collections. With the end of the show a few weeks back, this second half of the collection brings back the feels.

While I was never a hardcore True Blood fanatic, I'm loving the shade variety in this collection. The second half of the True Blood Collection by My True Love Polish was released last week! While this is a Canadian based indie, she does ship to the US and shipping is very timely. Definite a plus.   

Jason is a holo black polish filled with green and blue holographic glitters. I wish the holo was more notable, however, the polish is still very pretty. While the polish is opaque on it's own, I have seen it layered over black very nicely. Formula and consistency were good, no glitter troubles. I used three thin coats for these swatches and sealed with a topcoat. 

Pam is a vibrant red jelly filled with sparkly red glitters. Red is one of my favorite colors and this polish does well to fit the classy sexy red vibe. Great formula and consistency, very easy to apply. Sheer in a single layer, I used three thin coats and sealed it with a topcoat.

Bill is vibrant and electric shade of blue with holographic micro glitters. Have you picked your jaw off the floor yet? Because let me just say, this polish just reeks of sexiness. I have never been more in love with a blue. The only negative tidbit was that it runs a bit thin and flooded my cuticles. But Cherise said she would address the issue immediately for the sale batches. Other than that the formula was really good and applied evenly. Sheer in one coat, you'll need at least three for a full finish.

Adilyn is a dark grey creme packed with shimmery gold glitter. It reminded me a lot of like a beautiful night's sky filled with twinkling stars. Used three thin coats and sealed with a topcoat. Again, good formula and application - no trouble to report with this beauty.

Sookie is a light pink gorgeous shimmer polish. I don't think I even need to tell you how beautifully delicate this shade looks. Unfortunately it doesn't suit my skin-tone as much as I would like it to. But I still really like it. There is just something about the particular color that's very catching. Sheer in a single coat, I used three thin coats and sealed with a topcoat. Formula was good, however, you do have to layer carefully to avoid clumping.

Eric Northman is a glitter topper with a shimmer nude base and filled with red and holo glitters. At first I thought I would need a base, but I was so pleasantly surprised. This is definitely one of those polishes that gets more and more beautiful with each layer. If you intend to use less than three to four layers than I suggest a base color because it will be sheer.

Overall this collection was quite surprising because I wasn't expecting to get excited over so many of the colors at first glance. Hands down Eric and Bill are straight up must-haves. Oh, the irony haha. Great formula all around and easy to work with consistency. The True Blood Collection by My True Love Polish is available for purchase now, only in full size bottles. Be sure to follow My True Love Polish for stock info. and new polishes releases!

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