CDB Lacquer: Halloween Pt 1

Hi guys! It's such a chilly Friday afternoon, not that I'm complaining. Far from it. I'll take a bit of cold air over humid hotness any day of the week. I'm having a crazy busy Friday this week and it's kind of nice for a change. A lot of doctor visits, trips to the groomers, and a sleepover tonight. It's a much needed weekend of fun and no stress. I know going to the doctors doesn't seem fun, but I've been in pain for so long I'm ready to feel better again. Especially because of all the things I want to do for Halloween. It's one of my most favorite holidays! Speaking of which... Today I'll be sharing the first set of Halloween Polishes being released by CDB Lacquer. A trio set inspired by Nightmare before Christmas and a single polish called Zombie Barbie. Cheyenne from CDB Lacquer will also be releasing a few others in addition to these, but I won't have swatches for those until next week.

The Halloween polishes by CDB Lacquer are now available for purchase in both petite and full size bottles. And the beauties I'm going to show you here today are selling faster than hotcakes. Let's take a closer look!

CDB Lacquer - Master of Fright

Master of Fright is a glow in the dark, white crelly with black glitters including skulls. Inspired by Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. The skull glitters will also come in a small baggie when purchased for placement. For my swatches, I did use placement for the glitters after the polish was applied. Formula was really good and applied evenly. The glow is very bright even with minimal charging. I used three thin layers for a opaque finish and sealed with a topcoat.

CDB Lacquer - Master of FrightCDB Lacquer - Master of Fright

All Stitched Up is a glow in the dark light grey with glitters inspired by Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. I'm not even going to beat around the bush, this is the must-have of the season. Just take a look at the glow shot! It's so bright and glows blue. I love it. Even better is the formula and consistency, no problems whatsoever. I swatched this polish using three thin coats and sealed with a topcoat.

Shadow of the Moon is a glow in the dark tan crelly with green, black, and purple glitters. Inspired by one of my favorite villains, Oogie Boogie from Nightmare before Christmas. You'll see this polish is being sold a bit cheaper than the others listed here. Unfortunately, Cheyenne had a bit of an issue with the formula and the glitters bleed causing the base to turn tan instead of light green as intended. The very good news is that it doesn't effect the polish whatsoever. The formula is excellent and applies very smoothly. I personally like the tan color more than if it would of been the light green haha.

CDB Lacquer - Zombie Barbie

Zombie Barbie is a bubblegum pink crelly filled with black, various pink glitters, and skull-shaped glitters. I love the particular shade of pink, it's again one of those times where I didn't expect to like the shade so much against my skin tone. Just like the rest in today's post, this polish is also glow in the dark and you can see the glow shot down below. The glow is a little dimmer as you'll notice, but I didn't charge this one nearly as much. Wanted you guys to get a good feel for the glow under different circumstances. The skull glitters in these swatches was also done with placement. Formula and consistency were great, didn't give me any trouble applying. Because of the glitters, I'd advise to let each coat dry before applying the next to avoid clumping.

CDB Lacquer - Zombie BarbieCDB Lacquer - Zombie Barbie

Overall I'm a huge fan of these Halloween polishes, they absolutely look and feel perfect for the occasion. I love all the crelly formulas, very good consistency and application throughout. The glow was definitely the selling point for me, because they actually glow! And bright! All polishes were set under a light-bulb for a half hour or less so they could charge the glow. The glow lasted brightly about two days without recharging. I definitely recommend picking up your favorite, my personal pick is All Stitched Up - that blue glow is to die for. Que the ominous Halloween music, haha.

The Halloween polishes by CDB Lacquer are now available for purchase in petite and full sizes. Don't miss out, these are selling fast. And don't forget about all the other polishes being released this upcoming month, like the Colors of the Wild Collection. Don't forget to follow CDB Lacquer below:


So tell me guys, which one is your favorite?

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