Challenge Your Nail Art October - Halloween Villains

Hiya guys! How's it going today? Only one day left until Halloween! I hope you're as excited as I am about this. I'm ready for all the candy and the scary movie marathon with my best friend and hubs. Today I'm participating again in the Challenge Your Nail Art prompts for October. The prompt today is 'Halloween Villains' and I have to say it was pretty really challenging. I really wasn't too sure on what to do, but I knew I wanted to do something a little bit different than the norm. Though I have to say doing a mani on a like a classic slasher was extremely tempting. But I had to something that actually does freak me out and scary me... Clowns.

What do you think? Is the spookiness real yet? Haha.

I realize it doesn't look exactly like a clown but I'm still extremely proud of myself. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm not going to be a little 'negative Nancy' this time around, haha. Considering this really all came from my head, no reference material, and less than two hours to get it done it's pretty darn good. I was trying to go for like a clown peeking at you from behind a curtain or something. One thing I will say is I know the hair is a little funky. Once I started working on it I realized I had no idea how to do it and had to do my best to 'wing it'. Still... creepy, right?

The only polish I used was a black base called Raven by Zoya. Everything else for this mani was done using acrylic paints and sealed off with a glossy topcoat. And just to make it clear, yes those polka dots are smudged on purpose haha.

I really hope you guys like my mani! Like I said, I feel I'm getting much better at this stuff and feel so happy with myself. Be sure to check out all the other mani's in today's awesome prompt.


  1. uh creepy clowns!!! My daughter is terrified of Clowns. I have no idea why! This looks really great, and you can be real proud that this came straight from your head onto the nail

  2. I hate clowns and now I hate you a bit. :P Kidding! You did a fantastic job with this!

  3. Love this--the face is spooky and the smearing drops are perfect for the creepy effect. :)

  4. This is one of the creepier mani's I've seen all week....