China Glaze Halloween 2014

Greetings guys! I've have a super exciting week in store for all of you. It's a week of double-daily posts! Yes, guys I have so much to show you that I'll be doing two posts a day. One at twelve-noon and the other at six in the afternoon - eastern time. What do you think? I'm super pumped about Halloween, as you can probably tell, so everything will be in relation to the celebration. For this noon post, I'll be sharing two of my favorite colors from the Apocalypse of Color Collection by China Glaze. There was so much hype and talk about this collection that I had to check it out for myself. It was definitely difficult to only pick two because it was one of China Glaze's most original collections this year. 

China Glaze Apocalypse of Color

As you can tell in the photo above, the two chosen colors from this collection are Don't Let The Dead Bite and Getting To Gnaw You. Very eye-catching, aren't they?

China Glaze Don't Let The Dead Bite

Don't Let The Dead Bite is a nude slightly pink jelly base with red flake glitters. This is by far my favorite polish of this entire season and I'm so glad I was able to pick it up. It truly looks like blood splatters on your nails, obviously trying to go for the whole gory Zombie thing with the name. Swatched over a clear base, used three thin coats, and sealed with a topcoat. Formula and consistency are excellent, it gave me no issues when applying. It's very sheer with one coat, but it layers very nicely.

China Glaze Don't Let The Dead Bite

China Glaze Getting To Gnaw You

Getting To Gnaw You is a black jelly base with orange micro glitters. I couldn't help thinking of a werewolf with this one. I hope that's what they were going for and I'm not being a weirdo, haha. I didn't find the formula to be too thick for my personal liking, but it is thicker in formula than the previous polish. Formula and consistency are really great, no issues to report with the application. It has a bit of a texture finish, but I sealed this with a glossy topcoat.

China Glaze Getting To Gnaw You

Besides these two, the other one that really intrigued me was But Of Corpse. Unfortunately for me, it was sold out at my local beauty supply and I have not been able to find a bottle of it anywhere. I Love Your Guts is also a close favorite. Definitely going to have to keep looking for these. This entire collection (with the exception of the glow in the dark topper) is really unique and eye-catching. It's been a long while since I have felt this way about a China Glaze collection. Definitely makes me curious for their Holiday 2014 Collections.

Don't Let The Dead Bite has been my absolute favorite polish this month (maybe this year!) so I had to do some nail art with it. I usually do really awful with the dripping color technique but this time around I think I did pretty well. I used red acrylic paint for the blood drops with a dash of white. What do you think?

China Glaze Bloody Nails

The China Glaze's Apocalypse of Color Collection is available now wherever China Glaze is sold. You still have a chance to nab these in time for Halloween so definitely don't miss out.


  1. Awesome swatches! I really love the Don't Let the Dead Bite!
    Happy Halloween :)

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

    1. Thank you :D And Happy Halloween to you as well. Don't Let the Dead Bite! almost looks like something an indie would of come up with. Very impressed with China Glaze.