Halloween Movie - Annabelle

Hiya guys! How's it going? I'm still reeling from the excitement of this past weekend because as I mentioned I went to Six Flags Frightfest. I absolutely had a blast. I was a little bit weary about it at first because I had a horrific experience last year with lines for rides. Yeah, this year was the complete opposite and I couldn't have had more fun. But, unfortunately, I ended up getting wet from the rain and it was chilly out so I woke up yesterday feeling a bit sick. I'm determined to feel better though because I have another haunted house attraction I'll be doing to this weekend. Can you tell I love Halloween? Haha. I went to the movies last weekend as well to watch the new horror movie Annabelle. Ever since I saw it I had this mani idea stuck in my head and I finally got around to doing it on Friday.

Halloween Movie - Annabelle Nails

The spookiness is real! I hope I haven't scared you... with my bad art that is haha.

Here's the closer shot of Annabelle based on the movie poster. Definitely not a perfect replication, but this is one of the first times I do an actual face. Yeah, not easier said than done. The face alone took me over two hours. I ended up redoing the whole thing maybe three times. I simply cannot grasp the concept of shadow/shadowing, as if that wasn't obvious already. If you have any tips I'd love to hear'em and hopefully learn a trick or two.

I used the beautiful matte Dovima from Zoya as the base for this mani. Everything else was done using acrylic paints and sealed with a matte topcoat by Butter London. I was debating going glossy or not but I think the matte adds more of an scary-type of feeling to the finished look. The detail brush I used is a fairly new one which I have been loving. I think you can tell a lot of my line work for her face is a lot stronger than I normally do. 

Halloween Movie - Annabelle Nails

I know I usually don't post nail art on Mondays, but I'm a little behind on swatching due to feeling under the weather. Initially I didn't intend to post this mani on here and ended up posting on my Instagram on Friday. Sorry about that guys. But I'll be posting a review on polishes tomorrow followed by our regular scheduled for the rest of the week.

I hope you guys liked the mani and it doesn't give you too many nightmares. I know as a kid I was terrified of creepy dolls. What are you mostly scared of during Halloween?

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