July - Weigh in & Goals

Hiya guys! It's time for a late night post, like very late night. It's so late right now I am wondering why I didn't hold off until the morning, but then I realize how busy my weekend looks and I know my answer. Sigh. I don't want to give away what I'm doing this weekend because I am hoping to take photos for a future blog post. I'm still working on taking photos and videos around other people. I feel really shy and awkward about it so I tend to just not bother most of the time. But then I wind up with regret over the fact that I don't have anything to look back on for memories sake. I know I'm probably not the only one who goes thru this struggle regardless of being a blogger or not. I'm babbling though, haha. So enough about that because we have to talk about this post. As you can see by the title and the image below, this will be all about health and fitness goals for the month of July. Not something I ever thought I would be talking about much less doing, but here we are and I am actually excited to share. This isn't a new journey I am going on though, it's actually one I have been on for the last year. Honestly I think back on it now and I wish I would have shared it from the start. To be perfectly frank with you, I didn't think I would make it as far as I have. I thought I would stick with this for a few days, maybe a few weeks tops. Now here I am a year later and well let's talk about it.

Around this time last year I was clocking in on the scale at nearly 300 pounds. It sucked. Even at the time I knew it sucked and was a big factor in everything I was feeling. At the time however it didn't quite seem that way. I was going through a lot of other health issues and ended up feeling like weight loss wasn't possible for me. Heck I had a doctor tell me as much and suggested surgery. But then one day... it clicked. I don't what it was or why. I told the hubs to put down the treadmill for me and I strapped on my FitBit. I had both items sitting in the house unused for months, close to a year probably. Five minutes of walking turned to ten which then turned to thirty. Before I knew it I was steadily doing a mile in an hour. Although I was thrilled I also knew it wasn't enough and I continued to push myself. Sometimes harder than I should. Soon though I was easily able to complete a mile and a half to two miles to two and a half to three miles.

As of July 1st I am weighing in at 209 lbs, which means in 12 months I have lost almost 80 pounds in total. Sigh. I wish I could say I felt truly proud of this number. I had a few set backs throughout the year and my mind really hinges itself on things that were just out of my control. I had a tooth removed, various other dental work, and surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary. These health bumps would stop me from working out for weeks at a time. For my surgery I ended up having to stop working out for about a month and even after that I had to take it slow. It was annoying... to say the very least. But in the end this was all part of my journey to better health. So I guess the lesson here is I have to learn to roll with the punches and not beat myself up. Easier said than done, haha.

I have big goals in terms of weight loss milestones, but not too big to be unreachable. Ideally for right now my goal is to break 200 by the end of the month. This is one of my big milestones and a victory I plan on celebrating by getting my first ever tattoo. To put it in perspective, I haven't been under 200 lbs in well over 10 years.

Whew. That's a heck of a long time. But I am confident in my ability to reach my goal! And plus I really want that tattoo (which may or may not end up BTS related).

A small side-bit I want to tell you about because I always find it kind of funny. I get asked all the time 'how did you lose so much weight' and it's always with such a bewildered awestruck expression that I can't help let a bit of sass out. Heck I even get asked if I got the sleeve surgery by my own doctors. Like uhhh don't you think you'd know if that was the case? But at the end of the day my response is always the same. With the most deadpan expression on my face and in a monotone voice I say "I stopped eating whole medium pizzas by myself". That's it. I always find it so funny because it's not like weight loss is this giant complicated math equation. Real talk: eat right and exercise with consistency, the results will come.

Now let's talk goals! I'm trying to keep it simple this month in regards to goals to set. Initially I wanted to tighten the strings and up my restrictions, but I decided against that for two reasons. 1. It's my birthday at the end of the month and well I will cheat. I won't go absolutely crazy (aka 10k calorie challenge in a day), but I don't plan to turn down dinner invitations from friends and family. There is no point in setting sky high goals because it will just set myself up for failure and guilt. Instead I am going to focus on small goals. You're going to read these and roll your eyes at my definition of the word small, haha.

  1. No candy, chocolate, or soda at all. Right now I tend to have a bite here and there or a literal sip of soda now and again. 
  2. No more than 3 snacks per day. None of them going over 150 cals. 
  3. Make healthy choices when eating out. Even if it's a special treat I still shouldn't be picking burgers or high fat meals.
  4. Burn 2500-3000 calories per day.
  5. Take 10k-15k steps five times a week at minimal.

Simple enough, right? I sure hope so, haha. Most of them kind of go hand-in-hand. So accomplishing one means achieving another. Like to burn that amount of calories means I have to be quite active in my day, which equates to taking more walks and therefore more steps. Eating definitely seems to be my downfall and I feel like a lot of you guys can relate to that on a spiritual level, haha. Who doesn't love food?! I obviously loved it a bit too much, which is what got me into this pickle in the first place. But alas moderation is the key. And I'm really hoping that is something I can really focus on in terms of snacking aka my biggest down fall. I went to the grocery store over the past weekend and picked up a few things that I hope will help me make better choices. 

Do you see something in common with all the snacks above? I mean besides all of them being relatively 'healthy' choices as far as bars goes. Two words. Gluten. Free. Unfortunately I'm not going this route by choice, but rather a recent diagnosis has made me realize that I have a significant intolerance. Like the severe pain on my side I have had for two years - constant pain every single day - that my doctor blamed Endometriosis on turns out is gluten related. And when I say recent diagnosis I mean like early June/late May so I am technically still not rid of the gluten in my body. But since this change my pain levels have gone from a solid 8-9 daily to 3-5 and holy balls is it making the world of difference in... everything! I definitely want to talk more about all this, but that's best left for another blog post or this post will turn into a novel.

So that's my weight, those are my goals, and we are one week into July! I'm excited to report back in a few weeks and let you know how I am making out. If you guys have any fitness or health goals please let me know. I'd love to hear about them and cheer you on!


  1. Congratulations! This sounds like reasonable, healthy and achieveable weight management. Good luck and may your will be strong also in the future :)

  2. Very cool! Working out is my life;-p I'm uber curious to find out what the tattoo ends up, no idea what BTS is.. behind-the-scenes.. Buffy the.. Slayer.. ?