12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Decorations

Hiya guys, how's it going today? I've been hanging in there with this massive back pain. At least I can move around without bursting into tears, but I still have a ton of meds to take. I'm still surprised I've been able to blog and create nail art at all these past few days. Don't get me wrong, it's still been rough and the mess I make is definitely not ideal haha. Not to mention the fact that you'll be seeing my nubs now thanks to a corner chip. When it rains, it pours :( But anyway today's prompt for the the Challenge Your Nail Art group is Christmas Decorations. I knew right away what I wanted to do! It's actually been sitting in the back of my mind since December hit... Christmas 'glowing' string lights. Take a look:

What do you guys think? This is actually a recreation of a mani I did last year, but much better haha. I wish I could of made them actually glow, but I really like the concept I came up with.

Here's the materials used to create this look:
  • Base Coat: Sally Hansen White On
  • Acrylic Paint: Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Detail Brush, tip fine cut by me
  • Glossy Topcoat: Sally Hansen

I started off by painting my nails white and then using black acrylic paint I drew all the light bulbs. Then using a makeup sponge I add the 'glow' around each of the bulbs and painted in each of the corresponding colors. After that I went back in with the black acrylic paint, re-outlined the bulbs and did the string attaching them all. To finish it off, I took the silver paint and went in for the base of each bulb.

I really hope you guys liked this design. I wish I was feeling better because I would of done a video on it as well. Maybe next year.


  1. I love the 'glow' around the lights, really finishes the design off. x

    1. Thanks, sometimes last minute spur of the moment ideas pay off lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm glad I decided to keep that idea in.

  3. I'm obsessed with this! This is so creative and so beautiful. This may seem silly but I had never thought of using acrylic paint on your nails. Does it last just as long as normal lacquer?

    1. Thank you so much! And that's not silly at all, when I first started I had no idea it was even possible to use acrylic paints. As long as you use a good topcoat, it should last a week or two (depends on how hard you work your hands). The most I've gone without chips is a week usually.

  4. That glow is such a spectacular added touch!