Liquid Kandi - Celestial & Get Wet Topcoat

Hi guys. How's it going today? Nothing too interesting has occurred... except for the Instagram account sweep! It was crazy, to say the least. I didn't lose too much, however, it did bring my account down below the 5k. Sad panda. Bye milestone and spam accounts, haha. No matter, I get the joy of knowing the accounts that do follow me are the realist of the reals. Okay so let's get ready to drool. Today I'll be sharing with you guys the newest release from the indie Liquid Kandi, as well as her Get Wet Topcoat. And yes, the name of it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl haha. Say hello to Celestial!

Celestial by Liquid Kandi

Celestial by Liquid Kandi has just been released and retails for $12.00 for a full size bottle. The topcoat, Get Wet, is also available for purchase for only $5.00 for full size bottle. Both of these items are completely the big five-free.  

Celestial by Liquid Kandi

Celestial is packed with amazing color-shifting multi chrome flakies in a clear base. For these swatches I decided to use it bare and layer it three-four times. While it does build up smoothly, you can still see your naked nails. I actually really love the effect and look of it as opposed to have that fully opaque finish. The color-shift is extremely noticeable under direct sunlight and you can see it as well with these swatches under a lamp.

Celestial by Liquid Kandi

I couldn't resist the urge to swatch these with a base color, but I couldn't decide what to pick! It really suits so many color ranges, but ultimately I chose Zoya's Aubrey to do the trick

This has got to be one of my favorite macro shots of all time.

This polish is even making my nubs look good, I'm talking about the "have been staring at my own nails for ten minutes" kind of good. In all seriousness though, I do really like Celestial as a flakie topper. I know the craze is still raging pretty hard right now so there are quite a bit out there to pick and choose from. This one's biggest asset is the fact that it isn't too overwhelming with the flakie finish and that it layers itself quite evenly.

Get Wet Topcoat

Let's talk topcoat! Get Wet gives the nail a sleek, still wet appearance, even when dry. It is a durable, long lasting top coat that prevents chipping. I've used this topcoat for the past week or so on a variety of different mani's and swatches - even the swatches shown in this post have it on.  I absolutely love the fact that it's extremely glossy and that it gives the polish a 'still wet' finish. If you look at the swatches in this post, for example, these photos were taken three hours after applying this topcoat. You can see how glossy and shiny they still are. Unfortunately I cannot comment further on durability because I was not able to test it out longer than a day. I was also concerned about the pink tint and it possibly transferring over on a mani. From what I experienced this week that was not a concern whatsoever. Those of you looking for a really glossy topcoat will be pleased with this one!

As I mentioned before, it's $5.00 for a full size bottle so it's definitely affordable to give it a try. I normally use a topcoat from Sally Hansen for a dollar more from my local drugstore, but will be further testing this topcoat. Once the bottle is used up, I'll do a follow up and fill you guys in.

Celestial and Get Wet by Liquid Kandi are both available for individual purchase through her Etsy store. Don't forget to follow and share the love.

Tell me guys, what's your favorite topcoat? And what's your least favorite too?!

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