Digit-al Dozen - Spring Week - Day 1

Hiya guys! If you've been keeping up with my posts then you know it's been 'Spring' in my head for weeks now. And now it's time to unleash some of those flowers floating around my noggle onto my nails! It's time for Digit-al Dozen week and this month we are taking on the prompt 'Spring'. So yes, expect an abundance of floral prints this week haha.

And what do you guys think? Surprisingly enough, this is actually one of those rare manis where I work completely in polish. That's right, no acrylic paint here! To take it even one step further, no fancy brushes either. For this entire mani I only used my handy dandy good ol' dotting tool.

Because of my decision to stick to only using a dotting tool, the floral print looks a little on the abstract side. Not a bad thing at all though. I love the way it turned out! Working with only polish and a dotting tool was so easy, much more than I expected it to be. As always one of the key elements about working with a dotting tool is clean it after every dot. Simply keep a paper towel besides your hand as you work and it'll become a habit before you even realize it.

Now here's a break down of everything else I used to create this mani:

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Although you only need a dotting tool for this manicure, you will need two different sized dotting tools. Don't fret! If you don't have a different sized tool just get creative. You can easily substitute the smaller dotting tool with a pin or ball-point pen (remember to take out the ink first)!

And that's it for Day 1 as we kick things off with a bang! Be sure to check out what the other ladies from the Digit-al Dozen came up with for Day 1 of Spring week.


  1. This is so cute!! That's so cool that you did these with only a dotting tool!

  2. These are adorable! Really like the look of them matte!

  3. LOVE it. And I loved that you used a dotting tool. That makes me feel like it's something I could recreate!

  4. These are lovely! And the matte finish is the cherry on top!

  5. I wish I had your dotting tool skills! Dotting tools hate me haha. ANd I love that nude on you as well!

  6. I love this! It reminds me of poppies. I need to work on my dotting skills, because I would love to replicate this!