Lucky 13 Lacquer - Knock'em Dead (Deadpool) Collection

Hiya guys! I'm really excited to be sharing some swatches with you today. It feels like it's been a hot minute since I've done some indie swatching and I need my fix. As if there was ever a question about my polish addicted ways I think that previous sentence just sealed the deal, haha.

But I have plenty of reason to be excited because not only is this an indie, but it's inspired by one of my favorite comics. Yes, that's right today I am sharing the Knock'em Dead Collection by Lucky 13 Lacquer inspired by the movie (and comic) Deadpool. My inner nerd is pelvic thrusting, very appropriate for the subject at hand ladies haha. Get it... what I did there... 'at hand' see ahh... Okay let's see the swatches.

The Knock'em Dead Collection by Lucky 13 Lacquer is now available for purchase. Full-size (15mL) bottles retail for $8.50 and the mini-size (10mL) bottles retail for $6.00.

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Gratuitous Cameo
Lucky 13 Lacquer - Gratuitous Cameo

Gratuitous Cameo can be described as a stonewashed denim creme with silver and white glitters and golden shimmer. Inspired by the father of so many comic book characters, Stan Lee! This polish is as unique as the person who inspired it, it's absolutely glorious. The hints of gold shimmer really just give this the perfect touch. The formula had a nice consistency and built up evenly on the nail. Each brush stroke has ample glitter so there is no need to fish. Shown here in three coats and sealed with Elemental Ward topcoat.

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Maximum Effort
Lucky 13 Lacquer - Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort can be described as a mint green crelly with a ton of glossy rainbow glitters and a flash of green shimmer. I love the tone of this green, the combination also happens to make it nice for the spring (double win). The formula is nice and opaque, although it is a bit on the thick side it manages to have a good application. Shown here in two coats and sealed with Elemental Ward topcoat.

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Maximum Effort

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown P0rn
 Lucky 13 Lacquer - Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown P0rn

Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown P0rn can be described as a white crelly packed with a rainbow of matte glitters, cherry red dots, and a hint of tiny bronze glitters. Favorite alert! It's been a while since I have fallen so in love with a white crelly. All the glitters and that polish name, perfection. The formula has a nice opaque finish with ample glitter in each brush stroke. No need for placement or fishing, even for the larger hexes. It's a little on the thick side due to all the glitters, but it still has a manageable application. Shown here in two coats and sealed with Elemental Ward topcoat.

 Lucky 13 Lacquer - Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown P0rn

Lucky 13 Lacquer - Regenerating Degenerate

Regenerating Degenerate can be described as a cherry red (warm) to blood red (cool) thermal creme. This shade pays homage to both the movie version of Deadpool (the dark red) as well as the comics (cherry red)! I'm always a fan of a dramatic thermal and nothing gets more thrilling than this shade transition. Movie fans I hope you know what screen I'm thinking of! The formula is fantastic, very smooth and opaque. The transition was triggered with hot and cold water and I experienced no issues. This definitely perks my interest in seeing more cremes from Lucky 13. Shown here in two thin coats and sealed with Elemental Ward topcoat.

Elemental Ward

Elemental Ward is Lucky 13 Lacquer's new quick-dry topcoat. This topcoat was used in every single one of the swatch photos shown here. It has a very thick consistency, which gives polishes that would have an otherwise texture finish a nice smooth gloss. This is especially nice when it comes to heavy glitters. It ends up giving glitter polishes a nice glossy almost squishy looking finish. I'll definitely be using this topcoat a lot more in the future when it comes to my glitter polishes. Elemental Ward is reasonably priced at only $5.00 per full-size bottle (15mL). Although all Lucky 13 products are 5-free, this topcoat is not and does contain toluene in order to speed dry time.

Overall I am more than thrilled on both a comic and polish fan level with this collection. All the polishes are so beautifully done and give perfect homage to the comic and character Deadpool. I love super glitter heavy polishes like this especially when paired with great and easy formulas. My favorite is definitely Ball Gags, Brownie Mix and Clown P0rn, which one is yours? Did you get a chance to watch the movie?

To recap, the Knock'em Dead Collection by Lucky 13 Lacquer is now available for purchase. Full-size (15mL) bottles retail for $8.50 and the mini-size (10mL) bottles retail for $6.00.

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  1. I'm not a big comic fan, but according to my son who saw the movie a couple of weeks ago it was really good. And I think this collection looks really good and can absolutly see myself getting some of the polishes.

  2. Im not sure that I can pick a favorite! I love the transition is Degenerate, Regenerate. The uniqueness of Cameo, the spring green color of Maximum Effort and those cherry colors dots in Ball Gag seals the deal for me. I love crelly's that dont hide the glitters with each coat so that you get the depth of the polish. And your photos are simple stunning.

  3. I'm not a big comic fan but I do want to see this movie. I really want to get The Ball Gags & Regenerating Degenerate.

  4. I really liked Lucky 13 Lacquer - Gratuitous Cameo, but the others where just a bit too much for me. My boyfriend always call these polishes "clown barf", which I think is such a funny comment, I had to share.
    He doesn't get us polish -addicts