Cupcake Polish NEW special effect toppers


Cupcake Polish announces its newest release: a set of 6 special effect toppers. These toppers are designed to be layered over other polishes and will transform any manicure. They can be mixed and match and the options for layering these toppers is endless. The three color tinted holographic toppers can be layered to create additional color effects and can also be used over similar color polishes to create a non-graying holographic topper effect. The standard silver holographic topper can transform any manicure into a holographic one. The holographic glitter topper will give a scattered holographic effect to any manicure. Last, the iridescent glitter topper will give an opal-like look to any manicure. These toppers are perfect for nail art and will make any ordinary manicure extraordinary! Cupcake Polish toppers are handmade, long-wearing, and 5-free.

Toppers are $9 each and available at .
This set of toppers launches on May 6th at 2pm CST.

Available collection colors:

  • Icing - silver holographic topper polish
  • Sprinkles - scattered silver holographic glitter topper polish
  • Frosting - iridescent opal glitter topper polish
  • Strawberry Icing - pink tinted holographic topper polish
  • Lemon Icing - yellow tinted holographic topper polish
  • Bubblegum Icing - cyan blue tinted holographic topper polish

Swatches courtesy of De.lish.ious Nails
<3 Cupcake Polish

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