5 Tips on Drinking More Water!

Hiya guys! I'm here sharing another fitness/health type of post and I'm pretty pumped about it. Me from a year ago would never have imagined being so excited about anything in relation with fitness. This time last year the most walking I did on a daily basis were the stairs to the second floor - that's it. I'm a very different person now but it certainly wasn't a change that happened over night. Mid-last year (around the time of the hiatus) I decided to start my health journey after finding myself at an all time low and my weight clocking in at almost 300lbs. As I've mentioned in other posts, one day I was home and everything just clicked. Like... I need to change. One of the first things I knew I needed to do for myself was start drinking water. Sounds simple, right?

That's pretty much like the saying goes, 'easier said than done'. And for Rose from a year ago that was the understatement of the century!

Believe it or not, I was someone that didn't drink an ounce of water daily. Like ever. Drinking water felt like straight-up torture and I would only take a sip if I needed medicine. I feel like that doesn't even paint an accurate picture of how bad I truly was about drinking water. Because as if not drinking any water wasn't bad enough, I formed even worse habits for the beverages I did consume. I almost feel like... embarrassed to admit this... but hey it's been part of my growth so no point in denying it ever happened. In one sitting when I felt thirsty I would drink six pouches of Capri Sun - like in the span of 10 minutes. Yeah, that's really freaking bad. My other beverage of choice? Mountain Dew Code Red by the liter. Looking on it now I'm baffled at how I was even able to function on a daily basis taking such poor care of myself.

Now here we are over a year into my journey and I drink about 80-85oz of water on a daily basis. That's on a slow day. And what's even crazier? I like it. I actually, truly, enjoy drinking as much water as I do. Not only do I seek it out above all else, but I have managed to cut about 95% of all other drinks from my life. I know it seems like a daunting task to incorporate into your life, but it's all about the baby steps trust me. For today I'm breaking down five tips on how to drink more water!


This is something I still tend to struggle with especially on the weekends when life gets just a little more dizzy around me. And there really is no 'hack' or way to make this easier. You just grab and a bottle and start drinking, haha. I find that once you have the first couple of sips or first bottle even your thirst kind of opens up for the day. The sooner you get water into your system after waking up the better as well since we tend to get pretty dehydrated during sleep cycle.


You can't drink water if you don't have any, right? So get yourself your favorite kind of water bottle and carry it with you. Whether it's to work, to walk the dog, or even a 'quick' shopping trip. I tend to go a little wild with my water bottles and I like different ones to fit the occasion. At bare minimum I like my bottle to be big enough to hold 16oz and at a max I like to use a 32oz bottle. You don't want to get one too big and inconvenient to carry around. Kind of defeats the purpose.


No one ever said you had to drink your water plain so don't! I don't do this very often myself, but every once in a while I love adding some flavor shots. Especially the strawberry lemonade from Crystal Light. This can be so good for kick starting your day in the right direction if you feel like you're really REALLY not wanting to drink plain ol' water. You can also really go wild and add some fruit. Release your inner bougie fit self! Lemon and strawberry are my personal favorite fruits to mix in. Definitely recommend a  fruit infuser water bottle.


You have to hold yourself accountable for how much you're drinking. Especially if this task is a big life change like it was for me. I personally track everything through my FitBit app, but there are plenty of tracking apps for free. A lot of apps will even go a step further and you can have reminders to remember to drink if you're not logging it.


Don't start off thinking you're going to be chugging 64oz daily like a champ. Maybe you are. But it's likely that you are going to struggle the first few days. If you don't then that is great, but don't beat yourself up if you do. Especially as you start to cut back on sugary drinks and replacing it with water. Instead give yourself small goals throughout the day. For example finishing a 16oz bottle within three hours then refill and start again. Or for every bottle of soda you have in the day drink two bottles of water. But like I said, don't get too hung up if one day you don't meet your goals. It's totally normal and fine not to be chugging back water every single day. There are days I barely make it to 24oz, heck this past weekend I barely had even that much. So long as you push yourself to do better the next that's what counts.

And that's it guys! Those are my five basic tips on drinking more water and getting your hydration on. I feel like if a lost cause like me can do it then so can any and all of you.

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  1. I knew some people, especially women, who say: "my, I cannot drink too much, I never feel the need". What I always recmmend them is to start by drinking in a small moment one small sip of water. My, on the contrary, I drink a lot:) I made the exams, and no, it's not diabetes.