Plan with Me: Ft. Cricket Paper Co | January 27th - February 2nd

Hiya guys! I'm back again with another plan with me video this week and I'm so excited to be back on schedule. For the most part. I thought working from home would mean I'd have more time for things, but it's been really rough. There are times where I find myself not being able to tear myself away from work past the point of clocking out. Calls are being forwarded to my personal cell phone, so it's hard to distinguish when a call is for me or work until I answer. And if I answer I feel forced to work. Sigh. Thankfully things are slowing down a bit and I'm able to tear myself away from my desk to focus on other things. One of those things being getting back to my blog and my videos, which I have missed so much. And after the way I have been feeling (kind of stir-crazy and lonely) memory planning felt like the perfect thing to do. Especially this week which was the very last week in January when I had my K-Pop concert in the city! It's crazy how long ago that was.

Plan with Me: Ft. Cricket Paper Co | January 27th - February 2nd

I had this plan with me video filmed for over two months, so I'm really glad I was finally able to share it. Let me just say not enough credit goes out to those who edit and upload videos on the daily. Holy moly does editing suck! Well... I think I just suck at editing actually which is why it takes me so long, haha. This video in particular badly glitched out on me during saving and I had to edit the whole hour and a half original file twice. Yeah, I had to eat a lot of Oreos to eat me through that. Here's hoping the next video doesn't do me so dirty for the sake of my waist line cause these are double-stuffed Oreos we are talking about here. And now I totally need to find a sticker for my weekly spread of like a munchkin eating Oreos so I can properly memory plan what happened, haha.

Sigh. I miss these kit formats and buying from this shop so much. Honestly I feel like if the shop still had the originally matte finish sticker paper I would be buying left and right on a weekly basis. Their current sticker paper is more of a vinyl matte finish and I believe I have a kit or two in my stash. For me personally the most annoying part about the new (not 'new' cause they've had this for at least two years I believe) vinyl paper is the limited pen selection as most of my favorites will smear. On vinyl sticker paper you are forced to use a permanent type of pen/maker and I don't tend to like my hand writing in those kind of pens. I almost feel like I'm being too harsh on this poor sticker paper, haha. Like cut the vinyl a break Rose, it's not that bad! It has been a very long time since I have tried it out, so it deserves another go around. Watch me come back in a few weeks saying how much I love it, haha.

Here is a break down on the items I used this week:

  • Planner - Erin Condren: Vertical Layout in Neutral 
  • Weekly Kit - November Mystery Kit from Cricket Paper Co
  • Pen Used - Penbel EnerGel Gel Needle Tip 0.7
  • Nail Polish - Rose from Daily Hues Lacquer

Other Shops I Mentioned:

Even though I had a bunch of editing issues, this video was really fun to do because of all the memories that came with it. With everything that is going on now with the quarantine these memories feel like a whole lifetime ago. The Stray Kids concert was in New York at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. This was actually my first timing going to MSG, I remember being so nervous and anxious but had such an amazing time. Though this was winter so it was a bit cold walking in my torn up leggings, haha. Small price to pay for looking good. Kind of spoiler alert though the next two weeks after this were hell for me. You'll see what I mean once I post the videos, but I'll just say I don't think I have ever used so many crying stickers in a spread before. I feel like that's not going to be a fun spread to witness, but you know what at least the stickers are cute haha. Hopefully you guys won't mind a little bit of a sad week, it's not a total bummer though I promise. Focus on the stickers! Anyway hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and I'll catch you next time, xoxo Moonbaes!

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