Plan with Me: Ft. Raspberyl Designs | January 20th - January 26th

Hiya guys! Even though I have been posting on and off in the last two months the one thing I haven't done is post a plan with me. Like holy moly I'm still memory planning from back in January. Insert shocked Pikachu face here, haha. I remember wanting to take a week off from the whole recording, editing, and voice-over process because it was getting a bit hectic to mange with my 9-5 job. But suddenly a little break became a long break and then I realized it's been two months. So here I am dying of shame, haha. This week I'm memory planning the week of January 20th through January 26th using a kit called Basic from Raspberyl Designs.

Plan with Me: Ft. Raspberyl Designs | January 20th - January 26th

The simplistic art for this weeks kit is so beautiful and right up my alley. Can't you see some of this even being incorporated into nail art? Hmm. I may be on to something here, haha. But I digress, this kit is exactly what I needed to break away from all the pinks and blues I had been using up until now. It's made me realize that I need more neutral colored kits or at least something other than pink and blue, haha. The blue shouldn't really be that surprising considering every time I swatch a blue polish I lose my mind with how beautiful it is. You'd think it was my favorite color or something, but it's actually not at all. In fact for a long time my favorite color was read, but it's shifted to teal over the last few years. I'm still not feeling great as you can tell because I know I am hopping all over the place. I apologize for the ramblings of a sick blue obsessed girl.

One thing this week kind of cemented for me is the fact that I don't like glossy kits any more. Much like when it comes to nail polish a matte finish wins every time, haha. Now that I think about it I tend to like matte when it comes to pretty much everything under the sun. But unfortunately for me I still have a lot of kits in my stash and by a lot I mean enough until the end of the year. Writing that sentence out gave me lie flashbacks of all my unused kits and I have to say at least 80% are glossy. With about 60% of those being from either Glam Planner or Scribbles Prints Co. My bank account definitely doesn't miss the days of me buying hundreds of dollars in stickers every month. But don't get me wrong, the kits themselves like the one I used this week are gorgeous. Glam Planner has some of the best kits I have seen to date and I find myself tempted to buy from her every week still. I think when it comes to pens I have such a set preference and it doesn't always work well with glossy stickers.

Also the gloss seems to unfocus the camera quite a bit for recording and photos - hence the reason I barely like using foil. I must be like the only person in the whole planner community to dislike foils, but I do in fact exist and some day I will find my fellow foil hating people haha. Or maybe I wouldn't be such a hater if I learned how to use my camera properly so that it won't lose focus. I guess I should start learning seeing as I have tons of glossy kits to use and I'm stuck at home under quarantine.

Here is a break down on the items I used this week:

  • Planner - Erin Condren: Vertical Layout in Neutral 
  • Weekly Kit - Basic from Raspberyl Designs
  • Pen Used - Penbel EnerGel Gel Needle Tip 0.7
  • Nail Polish - Rose by Daily Hues Lacquer

Other Shops I Mentioned:

I feel like my video was very all over the place and not as much as fun as I wanted it to be. Between being sick, being hella rusty, and trying to do this at 2AM it was just not a good combination. I'm playing around with the way I do things going forward and hopefully it's a lot smoother. If there is anything you want me to include in my videos like a Q&A be sure to let me know. I'm also thinking of doing a left over kit giveaway at some point, though maybe now is not the best time with all the health concerns. Something to plan out for later for sure, which works out even better because it means the stash will be huge. Well with that I hope you all stay safe and healthy, wash your hands frequently, and I'll catch you next time, xoxo Moonbaes!

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