Spring 2020 Bucket List

Hiya guys! I'm here just trying to regain my sanity from the madness going on around us. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, but it's nothing too serious and I'm being treated with some antibiotics. That being said, we are inching our way closer to Spring and I am for one so excited to be getting rid of the winter season. And just because I'm feeling sick, haha. Honestly I didn't even experience snow this year for the most part, maybe one or two days. Definitely not enough to even get a snow day for schools (or work). I think the thing that affected me the most was my outdoor walks, there was so much cold gusts of wind that I almost wished I was walking in snow instead. Now that I think about it though Spring is all about allergies so maybe I shouldn't be too excited for it, haha. But what I am excited for is possibly getting out of the house and having some new experiences. Over the last two years I have been slowly inching my way out of my introvert shell and I'm determined to make 2020 my year to shine. New experiences are abound for this chick right here! Or so I hope.

Spring 2020 Bucket List

Now to be perfectly fair and clear, with the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States (particularly in NJ where I live) it's highly unlikely that I will get to do most of these activities. I definitely am taking extra precautions for myself (as someone with a weak immune system) as well as those around me. The last thing I want to do is be the cause of my family getting sick all because I chose to go out somewhere heavily populated. At this point we should call this a very hopeful Spring bucket list if nothing else. I don't know if I'm being naive or if I'm trying to keep hope alive by coming up with this list, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have some plans to look forward to. Worse case scenario is everything will be pushed back a few months.

Spring 2020 Bucket List


We are definitely starting off the list with something that feels very far-fetched right now. That aside, last year I ended up going to watch a Mets game at Citifield and had such a blast. I don't even like baseball! Okay, I don't not like baseball but I'm just not a sports kind of gal. But honestly when you're there at the stadium surrounded by people cheering (or booing) you get so wrapped up in what's happening you end up walking away a total fan of the sport. So much so that I ended up buying tickets for three different games this season! Our first game is still on the schedule for April 14th featuring Atlanta Braves vs the New York Mets. As of right now there is a nation-wide ban of gatherings of more than 50, so I'm not sure what this will mean for the game. We shall see.


Yes, you read that correctly. Rose said "take a hike" and not in the get lost kind of way. I have been wanting to do more and more outdoor walking recently and heard that hiking is a thing people do. I'm not talking anything crazy, because there are a slew of bugs out there ready to murder me. But I think a morning hike at a state park would be a great experience for not just me! The fresh air, the thrill of doing something new, and honestly just the feeling of being totally disconnected even if for just a few hours. Best of all? It's probably the cheapest experience on this list that will fit into anyone's budget.


Whether you have kids or not I personally think going to the zoo or an aquarium can be a lot of fun. Is it something you'd do all the time or even more than once per season? Nope, of course not. But it's definitely something different and fun to do in this light weather that won't drain your bank account too. Unless you go with kids, haha. I haven't been to the zoo in a super long time, like since the teen years. If I have to pick one over the other I would probably opt more towards a zoo because it's outdoors for the most part. The whole point of Spring is enjoying this weather, right?! Take a stroll through the zoo while a man feeds his arm to a tiger. Oops no sorry that was a scene from the movie The Happening, my bad.

Spring 2020 Bucket List


Again totally not a possibility in the current state of affairs, but in another universe this would have been a fantastic idea, haha. Like Coachella or SXSW?! That's a little too wild for this introvert, I'm still working on my baby steps. Originally my plans included going to see BTS in their Map of The Soul US Tour in New Jersey and Orlando. Maybe even a little side of Washington DC as well. These concerts are to be held in an outdoor stadium setting, which couldn't be more perfect for the Spring. I was lucky enough to go last May and I feel like I couldn't have handled the day as well as I did had it not been for the weather. Not too cold, not too hot. Though I did get a sunburn so I gave the overcast clouds too much credit. Regardless it was my first experience at an outdoor concert and it blew away my expectations. The singing, the fanchants, and the overall atmosphere feels like such a magical moment in time. Just radiates so much happiness! Even if I don't get to go in the Spring weather this year it's something I'll look forward to doing again and again every year after.


This one definitely doesn't have to be fancy or expensive by any means. You could visit your local park and take photos of the blooming flower gardens there. Heck there is one down the street from me! But of course if you want to go the extra step there are beautiful Botanical Gardens you can visit. I guess those with bad allergies like me may be a little wary, but hey what's a few sneezes for some beautiful flowers. This is just another one of those ideas that have always floated around with me, but I never made an effort to look much into it. Now realizing I have so many options close by (especially in my neighboring New York state), I feel silly for never having explored this idea.

In some ways I feel this list is more of a 'list of things I won't be doing' more than anything else. I feel like with each one I wrote out my heart sunk down just a little more and more. Especially when it comes to the concerts. I had a lot planned this season for the first time in a long time and now most of my plans seem for sure cancelled. Some one play me the worlds smallest violin over my first world problems here. Because while sure having my plans cancelled sucks, at least I can say I have my health intact and so does my family. Although our jobs and daily routines are being affected none of us have the virus (knock on wood) or have any family or friends that have. I am blessed and in moments like these when the world is falling apart it's a good reality check. Keep safe my friends, wash those hands frequently, and stay healthy xoxo Moonbaes.

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