Weight Loss Journey Update

Hiya guys! I know it's been a few weeks since my last post, but believe it or not I have been sick this entire time. And if you're thinking, 'Weren't you sick during Valentine's Day?!' then the answer is yes. I ended up going to the doctor and taking meds for about a week then had a glorious 3 days of health. Before I caught a 101 fever and got sick all over again. Seriously. Enough of that, I'm so over feeling sick and I'm ready to get back to my normal routine. I have really wanted to give everyone a health/weight loss update for a while now since it's been a very long time. I started my weight loss journey in June of 2018 weighing in at my heaviest 300lbs. First off, that's freaking crazy to me! When I stop and think about it, I was literally half-way to being a TLC special. But not surprising since I ate whole medium pizzas to myself and walked less than five minutes a day. The thing is though I never felt ashamed or uncomfortable in my body in terms of confidence. I definitely felt uncomfortable in terms of pain though. That lower back pain and swollen feet were no joke. But still I loved my body and had no problems telling people that including doctors who were quick to blame everything on my weight. So then what made me want to lose the pounds? Ugh. This sounds so silly but my big push was that I wanted to be healthy enough to stand on my feet for a long time at my first BTS concert. Yes. My motivation was a boy-band, haha. I'll go crawl under a rock now.

Weight Loss Journey Update

The start of 2020 has been nothing short of frustrating in terms of working on my fitness. I told myself I would start a harder regime so I could focus more on toning and building muscle. Easier said than done. Even eating healthy has become difficult again and I find my 'cheat' day meals are more and more frequent. And just this week I discovered the vending machine at work takes debit cards . Yup, I've been sliding my card for overpriced chips and chocolate on the daily. The good thing is that I haven't gained any weight, thank goodness. However I know if I don't get myself back on track soon I will gaining in no time. So it's time for a reset!

Weight Loss Journey Update

I feel like one of the things I regret most from my weight loss journey is not taking progress photos. To be honest I didn't take any photos because I didn't think there would be any weight loss. Like maybe I would drop a few pounds, but never something so significant as the weight I have accomplished. And even if I did manage to lose weight I thought there was no way I would continue doing so for over a year. It's like I'm a different person. And while I can acknowledge the positive changes and how far I've come it still doesn't feel like something to celebrate. I wish I could see my progress and feel proud of myself, but I simply just don't. Every once in a while I will see my clothes practically falling off my body because they are so big (like the sweatpants in the photos), but I'll just think 'heh that's pretty cool' and move on. To me I just haven't crossed the finish line. I have a very stern mind-set and don't feel like I have earned the self-congratulations yet.

Weight Loss Journey Update

So while I've always had this mindset, the last month has made me feel like my progress has completely dismissed. Being sick with a cold for this long has taken its toll on my mind and body in every sense. I started feeling sick back on February 8th and here I am writing this March 8th - exactly one month later - and I'm still ill. The bulk of the cold seems to have gone away, but my throat is extremely sore and I feel an incredible amount of fatigue in my chest. I'm debating whether or not to go to the doctor office again since it would be visit number 3. The most frustrating part for me is the fatigue since I feel like I cannot get a good workout in or a workout at all some days. Last month I only went to the gym a dozen times if that. I don't want 'being sick' to be an excuse for the choices I'm making. Like sure, I need the rest in order to feel better. Going to the gym 'too early' after being sick a week I think caused me to have a relapse. Sigh. It's like a lose-lose situation. And then comes the eating. If I'm not working out then at the very least I should be eating right and not picking out junk food as a snack. I've had more fast food in the last two weeks than I did in the last six months. A sore throat and a cough is no excuse for eating Taco Bell a few days in a row. As much as I wish it could be, haha.

Since I'm still feeling sick and don't have too much control over that right now, I have decided to focus on my food intake. Even before getting sick I wasn't making the best choices and felt like every day had a little too much indulgence and not enough veggies. And by not enough I mean none at all. Over the last few weeks I have done the research, found air fryer recipes, and took a trip to Trader Joe's. All in all I feel like I have a solid plan. The snacking is definitely the hardest because it feels like I'm going through withdrawals if I don't have a cookie or a chocolate bar. To combat that, I'm allowing myself one 'sweet' a day so long as I stick to everything else. So basically no dessert if I don't have my veggies, haha. Most importantly no more devil vending machine!

Weight Loss Journey Update

At least during all this mess I haven't gained any weight. And it's definitely a little woohoo moment. During the month of January I was finally able to break through another small milestone and made it under 190 lbs! I have about 40lbs more to go before I reach my first big milestone and that's something I would like to achieve by the end of 2020. Definitely a do-able goal so long as I stay on track and hold myself accountable.

Typically I would just use the FitBit app to track my meals, but it's feeling like not enough. During some of my worst cheat days these past few months I noticed that I don't bother putting some foods in the tracker. As if thinking because it's not in the tracker then it doesn't count. This is a new bad habit that definitely needs to go! I recently found this gem in my stash and I think it's a sign for me to start using it. I've had this fitness planner from the Happy Planner brand for years (thank goodness it's undated) and I'm thinking of using it now. Sometimes seeing something physically written down makes it more tangible in my mind. If it works then it works. It's worth trying it out since it's something I already own. Plus with this full-sized planner I'm able to track other things such as my body measurements, mood/feelings, and even include a progress photo.

I'm hoping to be able to check in with you guys in about two months with hopefully some better progress. Even better I'm hoping that I'm not still sick in two months time, haha. Seriously though with the whole virus going around right now it's very scary. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands frequently!

Catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.


  1. I don't know which diet you are following, but your symptoms sound like keto flu.

    1. I'm not doing the keto diet. It has unfortunately been just a really bad cold, mixture of upper respiratory and sinus infection.