6 Tips on Scoring BTS Concert Tickets

Hiya guys! I have a very serious post to share with you today and it's not for the faint of heart. We are talking life and death - well at least in the terms of kpop world. BTS ticketing is once again among us with the announcement of the new tour last night. My heart is still beating out of my chest as I type this up. We now have locations, concert dates, and ticketing date! We have about two weeks to prepare ourselves and more importantly our wallets because tickets are not cheap. Nor are they easy to get. People always say BTS tickets and like a blood bath and I honestly couldn't agree more. You have to know what you want and be happy to settle with little thinking time. So needless to say the more you know going in the smoother the process will go. Well as smooth as a bloodbath can possibly go, right? Makes you wonder why I am subjecting myself to this madness once again, but any chance at see them perform has me stopping dead in my tracks. Anxiety be damned!

6 Tips on Scoring BTS Concert Tickets

It's so hard to be mindful of all the little things when you're just overflowing with adrenaline and anxiety. But it's important to make sure you have all the information you can going in especially if this is your first ticketing experience for BTS. I have successfully purchased tickets on release day on four different occasions and thought I would share some of my tips for scoring tickets. That being said, at the end of the day it all comes to luck. Pure and simple. But that doesn't mean you can't prepare as best as possible because you want to know that you tried all you could. There is nothing worse than beating yourself over something you just didn't know would happen. So these tips are just based on my own buying experience within the last two year and I hope it helps.
6 Tips on Scoring BTS Concert Tickets
1. Make sure to register with Ticketmaster ahead of time. Create your account on the Ticketmaster site and make sure to fill out everything before the purchasing day. Including your phone number and credit card information. You will need to verify your phone number, so if you are using a cell phone it's better because you get a text with a code right away. This time around there is a pre-registration happening for those who have the ARMY membership and this will give you a chance at pre-sale. Head over to Twitter and read all the requirements posted by Weply - you have a limited time to register so the sooner the better.

2. Tied into the first tip - have your credit or debit card ready with you at the time of purchasing. Even if you have your credit card information in the system you will still be asked to provide the security code. Unless you're like my bestie Jasmyn and simply know your security code by heart, haha. But I would still rather be safe than sorry and have my card with me in case anxiety wipes my memory clean. I don't believe they have PayPal as an option - hard to remember but I'm like 95% sure that they do not - so you have to be card ready.

3. Be knowledgeable of ticket pricing. Concert tickets in general are not cheap, but BTS especially can be a little mind blowing if you don't know what you're getting into. And you don't want to be caught off guard in the midst of ticket choosing. One second can be the difference between floor seats or nose bleeds - ticketing is THAT chaotic. Based on my experience with the Love Yourself Speak Yourself Tour the ticket prices were not announced ahead of time.

  • Floor Seats without Soundcheck range from $220 to $260
  • Floor Seats with Soundcheck range from $280 to $320
  • P1 seating range from $200 to $225

Please note these are just estimates based on the pricing I experienced first hand buying both Chicago Solider Field and MetLife tickets.

6 Tips on Scoring BTS Concert Tickets

4. Have a good internet connection. This maybe seems like a given or super obvious statement but a slow connection could make the difference between getting a ticket and not. Actually no 'could' about it, it will definitely be the factor that determines your ticketing fate. You can check your connection by visiting the website Speedtest.net. Ping lower means faster response time, and then you'd want to see high upload and download to determine how fast the page loads. At bare minimum to have a decent chance you want to see an upload speed of 5Mbps and a download speed 25Mbps. This is very bare minimum. If you feel your speeds aren't the greatest then your best bet is to find yourself a library or an internet cafe.

5. Do not have multiple tabs open or be logged in under the same account on multiple devices. The latter probably has you scratching your head because this was a thing everyone did for quite some time. I did this myself for the Love Yourself Speak Yourself Tour and then Ticketmaster impended a new system towards the end of 2019 I believe. If you're logged into your computer and try to log in using your phone using the same Ticketmaster account then one of the devices will become locked out. Or worse... both will be cached and won't be able to join the queue. I've had terrible first hand experience with this and trying to get other concert tickets so I definitely don't recommend taking the risk.

6. You are finally done with the queue and you see yourself with the map of seat selection. Don't panic! Adjust the number of tickets to the right number you will be buying (be mindful of the ticket quantity limitations). And here's the important part - choose your tickets from the side menu by selecting 'best seats available'. If you go ahead just choosing from the map you'll be hit with the pop-up saying 'Sorry another fan beat you to these seats' and then before you know it SOLD OUT or close to it.

6 Tips on Scoring BTS Concert Tickets

There are also a few more basic tips that everyone should know in general.

  • Do not refresh your queue window or you will lose your place in line.
  • Do not have multiple windows or tabs open. You should be solely focused on these tickets and don't want anything else slowing down your chances.
  • Do not immediately buy re-sale tickets. The prices will drop - trust me - and you will be able to score tickets close to face value the longer you wait until the concert date.
  • If you're buying soundcheck tickets make sure the name of the purchaser is coming with you to the concert. At the venue the person whose name purchased the tickets must be present with ID in order to pick up soundcheck. This only applies to soundcheck tickets.
  • Children and Teens under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. This is not a BTS concert specific rule, but rather the venue rules and it will depend on the stadium to allow exceptions. If this is an issue for you then I would advise contacting the specific venue before the concert to verify. 

There are so many other tips and tricks to share, as well as what to bring inside your concert bag! If you'd like to see more posts covering these topics, please let me know down on the comments. Concert season is an amazing fun time and shouldn't be overshadowed by the stress of ticketing and seating. At the end of the day it's all about seeing your favorite group, whether that be BTS or someone else. No matter what tickets you score just remember you'll get a memorable experience at the end of the day. And with that, happy ticketing Moonbaes!

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