What I Got For Christmas 2019

Hiya guys! Yes, I'm back already with another post. I know 'already', haha. You all are going to have to get used to my new found consistency. Actually let me not toot that horn too much yet it's literally the first week of the new year. I don't want to blow it, haha. Anyway for today I'm doing a little bit of a blog first and sharing a 'What I Got For Christmas 2019' style post. Now I know most bloggers would have posted this a day or two after Christmas, but you know two weeks or so feels close enough. "Better late than never" and all that.

What I Got For Christmas 2019

For Christmas every year I tend to make a couple of wishlists per people in my life (which is less than a handful) and let them pick from there. Nothing here is really a 'surprise' per say, but that's perfectly okay. I tend to change my style and likes in things so often that I don't expect anyone to keep up, haha. And we are all paycheck-to-paycheck kind of people so the last thing I want is for anyone to be wasting their money on something that isn't practical for me. I don't want peoples hard earned money sitting in a box unused for months on end if that makes sense. I hope that doesn't sound selfish or self-centered, because it's really quite the opposite. Ah, I didn't mean to get too long-winded there. Let's jump into the gifts before I wind up posting this for next Christmas, haha.

Sportswear: Adidas Sneakers
 Edge Flex

Santa bought me two pairs of sneakers for working out this year. They are coming in well needed since the sneakers I received for my birthday this year are ready to be retired. More like burned, haha. I wear my sneakers every single day even when I'm not working out. Adidas has become my go-to brand for sneakers as they tend to fit my feet really well without giving me blisters. The first pair are called Edge Lux Clima and the second pair are Edge Flex - both are considered running sneakers and I get them in size 8 1/2. Although I love both, the Edge Lux Clima is definitely my favorite of all time. To the point that this is going on my 4th pair of the same one - color and all. Correction, one pair were the 'clear orange and white' ones and that was a terrible mistake. They were nearly black from dirt within a two month period - I walk A LOT on a daily basis haha.

Now the one down-side to these sneakers is that they wear down really easily and I tend to make a hole in a every pair I get. Specifically near my left toe area. Ok, so don't laugh but I have something called an 'angry toe'. It's definitely a legit thing, look it up guys. My dang toe just ends up curling upwards as I workout all the time and causes the area to wear down and pop my toe out. I am the worst though because I will literally wear my sneakers until my toe is completely out. Sneakers aren't cheap and I want to get the most out of my money, haha. So yes, two pairs is freaking fantastic and I will be breaking them in next week.

Sportswear: Adidas Core Unisex Mini Back-Pack

I really wanted this backpack SO badly for my trips to the gym. Because yes, I am one of those people who carry everything in their hands. Headphones, phone, wallet, keys, and anything else I might need for the gym. I usually go to the gym on my lunch break so I change in the bathroom at work to save some time. But this means my big duffel-bag stays behind and I have nothing to house the items I need to take with me. Hence this perfectly sized backpack!

Jeffery Star: Velour Liquid Lipstick - Leo
Jeffery Star: Velour Liquid Lipstick - Leo

Part of my self care and self love routine is getting into the habit of wearing some light makeup everyday. Lately I have been all about nude or light brown lipsticks especially if they are in a matte finish. But for whatever reason most of my Jeffery Star liquid lipsticks are all in bright fun colors - I think I only have a handful of toned down colors. Not really the most work appropriate to walk in wearing 'Mermaid Blood' aka a deep dark teal tone, haha. So for Christmas I received the beautiful 'Leo', which is a honey brown color in a matte finish. I finally own this shade and yes I am a Leo so that makes it all the more better. I am so excited and definitely be sharing a selfie once I wear this out!

BTS 4th Muster & BTS Japan LY World Tour Blu-Ray
BTS 4th Muster & BTS Japan LY World Tour Blu-Ray

Come on guys! Of course there had to be some kind of BTS merch this Christmas! While the 4th Muster has been out for a while, I was missing owning the blu-ray and the completest in me totally needed it. And the Japan LY World Tour disk came out a few months ago, but there wasn't any group orders I could join for it at the time. I've been trying to build-up my collection so I'm super thrilled to add these to my shelves and obviously watch them as well.

Side note: If anyone is interested I can definitely do an unboxing for either one or both if that's something you'd like to see.

Kitchen: 16PC Teal Stainless Steel Silverware

Maybe this seems like an odd gift... I don't know why but I feel like it's odd. But I'm so excited about this present believe it or not, haha. I have been wanting a real set of silverware for ages now. That sounds like such a silly thing to say now that I read it back. But for years we've been just using plastic forks and spoons instead of actual silverware. The shame I know. We are sick people and I hate it. Somewhere along the way it just felt easier and before I knew it we'd stock up monthly and go thru boxes like crazy. And I'll admit I am partially real bad as I would use a spoon to stir my coffee and then throw it away. Ugh. I think back and I feel like these actions are insane to me now and have no idea what was even going thru my head. Supreme laziness is all I can think of. From a combination of being so obese and depressed that I didn't care about anything past getting food in my mouth. But those days are no longer and now we have an actual set to use over and over again. Bye bye plastic.

Kitchen: Dash Electric Air-Fryer

As you guys know I'm on a weight loss journey and have been for quite some time now. So I thought I would step it up a notch by having an air-fryer and do a little more meal prepping. We don't have a full kitchen so I've been really limited to just using the oven all the time. But my excitement over finally receiving an air-fryer has been a little overshadowed by the nightmare the process of actually getting it. And I only have myself to blame! Insert the world's tiniest violin here.

Ok so it all started by me putting the wrong size air-fryer on my wishlist. Of course no one questioned it and my fiancé just purchased it for me no problem. On Christmas day I end up opening my present and felt really thrilled except I can't help feeling like it's huge. Welp. I didn't realize these things came in different sizes... Yup I goofed. Hard. I received a 6 QT air-fryer when all I'm going to be making is food for me, myself, and I. Luckily this was purchased from Amazon, which was a super easy and fast return process. So then I found a smaller 2 QT air-fryer by the same brand and in the color teal (my kitchen is teal and white). Perfect! And then it came in and I put it on the counter along side my coffee maker and other kitchen things and well... it was the wrong shade of teal. It wasn't even teal, it was sea-green! Ugh I'm cringing at how 'first world problem' this entire thing is. I know guys, I know. But it was an eye-sore and you are just going to have to believe me!

Okay, so cue sending Austin back out to return yet another item to Amazon. Oh you think that's the end of the story, haha. No. For whatever reason this exchange took forever to process and the air-fryer was on a 'limited time deal' timer. So by the time the exchange finally goes thru the price has increased by over $10. Sigh. I ended up contacting customer service and will be receiving a refund on the price difference because I literally was just trying to get the same item in white. So this photo of the air-fryer isn't even the one I'm going to have, haha. It will be the same model just in white and it's coming in by the end of the week. Hopefully this means the end of the air-fryer saga because this has been so long-winded and I think I will combust if anything else goes wrong with it.

Wall Mountable CD Player with Bluetooth

I feel like a lot of people will probably find this quite the odd gift in this day and age. Buying physical copies of CDs is not something I thought I would still be doing in 2020 that's for sure. That all changed the day I got into K-Pop and more specifically BTS whose albums I own by the buttload. Yes, that's a thing. Each new album is released with 4 different versions and each verison has a set of photocards for each member. Of course I love Park Jimin and must have all his photocards so I end up buying the set of four albums... twice. I'm insane I know (now you see why I'm trying to be more minimalistic). But they really do make it all worth it with the beautiful packaging. which brings me to wanting this CD player. The CDs themselves are so gorgeous and this open player lets me display them perfectly along side my shrine... I mean shelf of merchandise. And I also love the fact that this has ability to connect to Bluetooth as well so that I can easily hook up Google Music on my phone for those artists whose albums I don't own. One of my favorite gifts so far and I'll have to make sure to snap another pic displaying it next to my BTS collection.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

Bring on all the reading 2020! Now I'm definitely more of a fan of owning physical books. There is just something so dreamy about a crowded bookcase that gives me utter goosebumps. Unfortunately that's not possible in my living space. Not to mention sometimes books are just cheaper via e-reader than Barnes & Nobles. I specifically wanted wanted this Kindle because of it's perfect sizing for my hand. I've had other Kindles in the years past that just felt too bulky or big in my hand. I cannot tell you the amount of times they've been too big and have slipped out of my hands and onto my face when I'm in bed reading. Those days are gone! Now the only thing I'm bummed about when it comes to this device is the lack of 'dark' mode. I'm so used to almost every device or app having dark mode that it feels having the screen so bright. But that's such a minimal nit-picky thing, it's definitely not a deal breaker and I plan to use this baby quite a bit this year.

Books: Catcher and Dancing With Elephants by Kalyn Nicholson
Books: Catcher and Dancing With Elephants by Kalyn Nicholson

I'm a big watcher of YouTube to the point where I can find myself binging on videos for hours on end. I watch everything from scary story videos, to plan with mes, to workout routines, to lifestyle vloggers. One of my favorite people to watch on YouTube is Kalyn Nicholson, her videos have been such an inspiration for my life as a whole. So when I realized she had a few books out I knew I had to have them on my wishlist for the holiday season. Catcher is more of a YA fantasy kind of genre and Dancing With Elephants is a collection of poems and journal entries. Both speak to me on different levels and I cannot wait to dive right into them later on when I'm finished with my current reads. And yes, both of these will be 'book of the month' sometime this year and I am so excited about it.

Skincare: Glow Recipe & Saturday Skin
Skincare: Glow Recipe & Saturday Skin

It's funny because one of the biggest things in my everyday life is my skin-care routine and I don't think I have ever mentioned it once. New blog post coming up? Maybe, maybe. These two gifts are some of the ones I was looking forward to the most. For months I have been dying to try out Glow Recipe! I'm sure you've seen floating around Instagram or Facebook their cute packaging and advertisement for 'watermelon sleep mask' or 'pineapple serum' that comes in a pineapple shaped bottle! So cute! But it's hard when you don't know how a product is going to work with your skin and the price tag is up there. So these mini gift sets are utter perfection for me! I get to try out all the masks and serums that I have wanted and see how I feel about them. Definitely a great way to try these out and I believe they are even marked down now at Sephora if you want to give them a try too.

Now Saturday Skin is simply holy grail for me and has been for the past year. Actually last month I had to go two weeks without it because I flaked on ordering more and ran out. Let me tell you for those two weeks - seven freaking days - I looked so dang crusty. It's insane how different it felt (and by different I mean icky) on my face switching moisturizers. I'm extremely excited to have a replacement jar for the moisturizer and I also received a hydrating face sheet as well. I really want to implement using face sheets more often into my routine because that's definitely my one big downfall. So very happy with these two and by the time this goes up on my blog I will probably already have used them, haha.

Other things I received from my parents and friends were things like gift-card, socks, and clothing. Mostly pajamas though because all of mine were sized 3x and well I basically couldn't make it across the hall without them falling to my knees. The one pair of pants were big enough I could tie them up and use it as a romper, haha. So yes that was much needed. The gift-cards I'll be hoarding until the Spring/Summer clothes start coming out because I need to size quite a bit since last year. But yeah that's officially a wrap on Christmas! Let me know what practical gifts you guys received down in the comments. Until next time xoxo Moonbaes!


  1. Those are some nice gifts and even better to know they are all things you want and need. BTW, I also have "angry toe." I never knew that was a thing! I can't wear cloth shoes as they all end up with a hole over the toe. I am also pro-real-CD. The sound quality is so much better and I am a musician and in the historical music field so I actually own more than 10000 CDs *runs and hides*

  2. You got some great stuff. I have been into getting sneakers lately because I'm "working out" which for me means walking a few miles every day. I don't want to get all crazy right away and burn out by going to the gym like crazy. I feel that the more I ease into it and make it a part of my routine, the easier it will be to maintain it in the long run. I was eyeing some adidas today and ended up buying some New Balance sneakers. I hope they are comfy enough. I want a new Kindle so bad! I think I'll get one soon. :)