Book of the Month: January 2020 - You by Caroline Kepnes

Hiya guys! Another month, another book coming at you in full swing. I still owe you guys two book talks on 'One of Us is Lying' and 'The Secret' from last year, but those will be up sometime next month. Promise. If you haven't read them or haven't finished you still have time before our chat into those books. In the meantime though, it's a brand new year and I am sure most of us have that 'read more' resolution on our list. Same here. Originally I was going to do a New Years resolution of reading 50 books this year, but I decided against making a resolutions list this year. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm focusing on a word for the year and that word is consistency. So if I consistently focus on my daily reading sessions then it should be no problem to read 30, 40, and maybe even 50 books this year. Right? That's my thought process and I'm sticking with it this year and crossing my fingers for the best!

Book of the Month: January 2020 - You by Caroline Kepnes

So if you're hoping to read more books along with me this year I have a great one picked out for this month. At least I hope it's a great one, haha. This is yet another book that has been collecting dust on my shelves for ages, You by Caroline Kepnes.

Now if the title sounds familiar it's because it has been all over the place last year as a Netflix series (previously a Lifetime series before Netflix acquired the rights). It trended worldwide for a while as the series picked-up speed on social media due to how well actor Penn Badgley plays the main character. Don't kill me but... I totally watched the first season of the show before I ended up buying the book. I know, so lame. In my defense I didn't even know it was a book series originally until I found it on the shelf at Barnes and Nobles. If you have watched the series, like I did, don't let that discourage you from reading the book. Heck maybe you are like me and seeing the series intrigued you that much more to want to read the book.

Book of the Month: January 2020 - You by Caroline Kepnes

This is the kind of book you need some wine with. I don't drink wine, but this feels like a good time to start haha. If this is anything like the Netflix series, then there will be a lot of nerve wrecking experiences. The story is about a man who becomes obsessed with the main female character after meeting at his place of work. From there he proceeds to search for her on social media, stalk her whereabouts for another 'chance' encounter, and basically try to align things just right so that she falls for him. And there is nothing getting in this man's way, even if it means killing some people. Yes, it's that kind of book and the synopsis gives me the utter chills. It's one where you honestly don't know who to end up rooting for. I mean it speaks volumes if the character in a book can even charm the reader so much into bypassing his stalking and murder tendencies.

As someone who is on social media constantly, I think this plot attaches to that primal fear of being an easy target, per say. We see it every day with how these big-time YouTube stars are found and stalked to the point of having to move from their homes. It's a complicated society that we live in and this book really strikes on a meta kind of level. I can appreciate this kind of realism in a work of fiction.

Also side note: I couldn't resist pulling out my apple-shaped container filled with 'I <3 NY' M&Ms since this series is based in New York. It was too perfect! I'm a total cheese-ball I know, haha.

Book of the Month: January 2020 - You by Caroline Kepnes

The Netflix series has a second season that was released just a few weeks ago after Christmas and I found out the book has a sequel as well. Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. I cannot wait to be able to watch season two of the Netflix series, but I'm sticking to my guns and not letting myself... yet. At least not until I finish this book and the sequel 'Hidden Bones'. So we have quite a bit of reading to do my friends, haha. Because yes, you are in this with me and together we are crossing off 'reading more' from our goals this in 2020.

If there are any book suggestions you have please let me know down in the comments. Have you seen the series You or maybe even read the book already? I'm curious how it compares, it'll definitely be an interesting book talk. But until next time xoxo Moonbaes!


  1. I really like the Netflix series of this! I am excited for you to watch season 2!

    1. I can't wait to watch it! The temptation is getting to me, but I am determined to get thru the books first lol.