Plan with Me: Ft. Caress Press | February 10th to February 16th

Hiya guys! I have another plan with me/memory keeping spread to share with you today. I'm still working through my severe backlog, so this is actually still from the month of February. Eek. How did I manage to fall so behind?! It's so easy though for time to turn into days then weeks and before you know it months. And here I am. I haven't been able to sit down and actually record/plan a spread in over two months actually. I feel like every time I think about doing it something happens and I end feeling too unwell to even attempt it. Fingers crossed for me this weekend though because I definitely want to get a good planning session in no matter what. I'll stay away from the bad food so more belly aches can stop me from planning my heart away, haha. Funny enough the 'bad' foods seem to be things like jell-o and fruits while I can have an Oreo and be just fine. My body was made to ingest Oreos - this is just the way it is I don't make the rules. I feel like I need to find some Oreo stickers for my planner when it comes time to plan the current month. At the rate I'm going I'll have tons of time to look, haha. But anyway this week I'm sharing this gorgeous spread using an ancient kit from one of my favorite shops Caress Press.

Something that you might notice right away is the that I used actual washi this week. It was due to a mishap on my end aka rushing trying to record when it's midnight on a Sunday. So I had to find a quick fix in the form of Simply Gilded washi. I've seen dozens of other planner girls use real washi in their spreads, but I have always hesitated I guess. Not any longer. I feel like this is going to become my new addiction - Simply Gilded washi every single week. I don't think anyone would complain about that, haha. Seriously some of the best washi tapes in my collection and I wish I could say I still purchased, but it's been almost a year since I bought any washi. Unlike stickers, washi is so hard to use up and takes up so much more space. It's one of those things I couldn't justify purchasing more of until I dwindled down my collection.

I was hoarding onto this kit for like two to three years much like many of the others I have shown. But with this one specifically I got it in my mind that I wanted to use it for my wedding week. No idea why. And looking at it now it's not my dream wedding kit so I thought to heck with it and used it for Valentine's Day instead. I think that's kind of what it was meant for when it was originally released. Back in the day I used to love decorating every week in the month to a specific holiday happening in that month. So believe it or not for the month of February every week would be super red and pink everywhere. I could never do that now, haha. I yearn for variety when it comes to nearly everything these days and also simplicity and minimalism. Again back in the day I would always get these full kits because I would love to color block every day of the week. But it wasn't just color blocking, I had to place a sticker down on every crevice of space within each day. From the date cover to the washi. Whew. That was a whole lot of stickers. Now a days I tend to go for a white space planning style, but color blocking is definitely something I want to revisit.

Here is a break down on the items I used this week:

  • Planner - Erin Condren: Vertical Layout in Neutral 
  • Weekly Kit - Letters to Juliette from Caress Press
  • Pen Used - Penbel EnerGel Gel Needle Tip 0.7
  • Nail Polish - My Vampire is Buff by OPI

Other Shops I Mentioned:

I loved how this weekly spread turned out and I felt like this kit was just perfect to use. I love how pink and girly the whole vibe is and I was so happy to use so many items for the first time. Especially like I mentioned before, the bottom washi from Simply Gilded was the perfect touch I didn't know I needed. I will have to start bringing in real washi into my spreads a lot more often that way I can start to use all these untouched rolls. I'm really excited to be switching up styling a little and trying new things. Let me know if there are any new planner trends I should try to implement in my spreads. I hope you like this week as much as I did and enjoyed the video. Stay safe and healthy and I'll catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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