The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

Hiya guys! I'm back today with a little something different, but kinda not really at the same time. Today I'm sharing an unboxing of The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle that I managed to score at the end of March. Yup, just a little overdue in typical Rose fashion. I've always wanted to do planner sticker hauls and combine two of my favorite things: shopping and planners. But honestly it's a little rough buying a large quantity of stickers at one time right now. Especially when I have more than enough to go through first. This was a special exception though! If you guys watch or read any of my plan with me posts then you will notice this shop right away. I'm a huge fan of using little characters to represent my everyday tasks in my weekly spread. And my favorite ones are called emotis from the sticker shop The Coffee Monsterz Co owned by Helen. If you're into planners and using stickers I highly recommend her shop, though if you are into these things chances are you are probably a fan too.

The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle

So I've been a fan of Helen and her stickers since probably the launch of her shop. This was my first time in four years being able to score one of her anniversary bundles. Now you know why I'm so excited about this, haha. Release days are no joke, it makes concert ticket sales seem like a walk in the park. Unfortunately by the time this post is going up the anniversary has long since passed. There were some items sold a la carte, but as of right now the shop is on a one week hiatus. Definitely check back in a week if it's something you're interested in. Even if these items aren't available, the emoti selection is amazing and there are quite a few adorable kits available year round.

Daily Achievements & Free Sampler
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

Both are these are not part of the bundle per say, but were gifts given during the anniversary sale. The Daily Achievements sheet were a limited time freebie for the first 100 orders $15USD. The March freebie sheet was available to all orders in the shop over $15USD after coupons and before shipping. I definitely need a full sheet of like every sticker on the daily achievements sheet. Especially that adorable nail polish bottle! And with the whole quarantine thing I definitely need a lot of those night owl stickers. 

4 Year Anniversary Sampler
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

This sheet has some of Helen's favorite emoti's she has created over the last four years. And it definitely has some of my favorites as well. I mean look at that Winnie the Pooh one! Too cute. The coffee and anxiety are also two of my go-to emotis I tend to use on a weekly basis. I think the only other emoti I would have like to see on here is the one watching Netflix. I'm gonna actually need to stock up on that sheet when it comes to planning out the weeks I'm at home under quarantine, haha.

Washi Tapes
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

The first roll of washi is in a lavender color in the standard 15mm size and has a self-care theme. This matches the weekly kit that you'll see later on in this post perfectly. It also has small hearts that are in a light purple foil. So cute! The second roll of washi features the many emoti head stickers on a light pink background. And there is quite a few too! I believe the owner mentioned that the roll has over 60 different emoti heads. It's definitely super cute as well and I can see myself pulling it as an accent washi for many spreads.

Hard Enamel Panda Onesie Charm
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

How freaking adorable is this charm?! It's the perfect size to loop into a planner without having it feel like clutter. I don't think this is something I would have purchased on its own since I tend to aim for a minimalistic style in my to-go planner. But having received it as part of the bundle I do enjoy it very much and will make some use out of it. Even if it's not inside my planner, I can use it looped onto my pen case or even keychain.

Cozy Die-cut, Bunny Vinyl Sticker & Self Care Die Cut
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

A few different items here, but the only one that was actually part of the bundle package was the Bunny Vinyl Sticker. The other two were like the Daily Achievement sheet and given to orders of over $15 during the anniversary sale. I think the die-cut is probably the only one I don't have immediate use for. Normally it would have been something I used in my traveler's notebook or pocket planner, but that's not one I currently have in my rotation. The two stickers though I'm so in love with, especially that holo cloud one. Swoon. I'm a sucker for holo in any form honestly. I will probably end up sticking these on some notebooks or even my laptop cover.

120 Emoti Sticky Note Tabs
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle

Sticky notes are my true weakness in life. This is definitely one of those things I own entirely way too much of and don't need more. But come on! I couldn't resist these at all. These were made to fit into the Erin Condren boxes, which is definitely a nice touch to make them even that much more useful. The sizing also makes them quite useful in my smaller personal planner as well, which is where I will likely use them the most. Out of all the things in the bundle I can see myself grabbing another pack of these should there still be in stock.

Adhesive Sticky Pocket
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

I'll start off by admitting I don't have too much use for this at the moment, but it's still something that I love nonetheless. I'm not currently utilizing my pocket/traveler notebook type of planner and don't have any desire to do so either. It's a shame too because this would go in that planner perfectly. Hmmm maybe it's something I need to revisit.. No, Rose. No more planners, haha. Honestly I can probably end up using this pocket in my personal planner once I re-do my current set-up, which should be some time next month. Kinda spoiler alert I guess, haha. But yeah I can totally see using this in my personal planner and placing it on a divider. It'll be very useful for those notes or random papers that I need to save, but aren't on a post it note or something. And if nothing else comes to mind, I could always use this pocket as a decorative element. Perhaps even stick in a Jimin photocard in it, haha.

Holographic Emoti Heads
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

Yes, that's right. Holo. This was item not part of the bundle, but another freebie given to orders $30USD+ after coupons and before shipping. I'm so thrilled to finally have a sheet of these holo stickers since I have always missed when foil emotis would hit the shop. Now the hard part. Actually using them instead of hoarding, haha. Having now seen them in person I feel like I'm going to be stalking the site for possible future releases of any kind of foiled stickers.

Self Care Weekly Kit
The Coffee Monsterz Co 4th Anniversary Bundle Unboxing

Last but not least we have the full self care kit for the Erin Condren. Part of receiving this through the bundle meant receiving the deluxe version plus the extra sheet. The extra sheet has a bunch of emotis, a quarter box with an emoti, and two 'not today' stickers. Even though this is a deluxe kit, the styling definitely appeals more towards white spacing planning. Which is a plus in my book since that's something I tend to go for more these days. As I mentioned before, the one washi tape matches perfectly with the theme and it's something I plan on using instead of the washi that comes in the kit. I actually cannot wait to use this kit in my planner and feel like I will need to buy another at some point.

And that's it for the anniversary bundle! Like I said before, this is the first time I'm able to score a celebration bundle so I'm really excited. And I genuinely love everything that came in the bundle as well. Like everything will have a use at some point in time, in one planner or another. Thought I would like to note that I forgot to include a photo of the pen pouch that also came in the bundle. It was definitely one of the main pulls of this bundle, so I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of it. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little planner haul kind of post! Maybe I can even convert some of you to join the dark side aka the planner sticker hoarding side. But that's all I have for you today my friends. Please stay safe and I will catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.


  1. I love planner posts, I should probably do more of them but I'm bombarded with beauty posts as it is. That pen pouch really is cute!

    1. You should make time for some planner posts! I'd love to read them. Join the planner dark side, haha.