Plan with Me: Ft. Cricket Paper Co | February 3rd to February 9th

Hiya guys! I'm back today catching up on my backlog with another plan with me video post. I'm still very behind when it comes to memory planning my weeks seeing as this is way back from February. I haven't actually sat down to plan in months to the point my whole set-up probably has dust and spider webs haha. It's kind of crazy to think how fast this year has been moving and yet it feels like such a standstill. Like memory planning things like going to concerts or even simply going out to see a movie feels foreign at this point. I miss the world being normal. I miss when my biggest worry in the world was not getting BTS concert tickets like this week will show you. Hopefully - all fingers crossed - we will be able to get back to some kind of normalcy by the end of this year.

Plan with Me: Ft. Cricket Paper Co | February 3rd to February 9th

I feel like doing the recording of this plan with me I was a little all over the place. Actually every aspect of this week was all over the place, haha. For some reason I remember recording this close to midnight on a Sunday night when I knew well and good that I had work the next day. Then it sat on my hard drive for weeks because the footage was about two hours long. Once I finally got around to editing though I ended up having to redo the entire video twice because the files got corrupt during the first save. Wait no. It was a total of 3 times editing. Yup, needless to say I was a little full of rage that day. I forced myself to finish editing and then I couldn't get myself to do the voice-over for about a month. Part of me keeps thinking that this week (like the one in the planner) is just a cursed week. Like it was hard emotionally and not it's hard even editing it, haha. Demon week in pastel floral. Seems about right.

I always underestimate how much I end up loving the color purple. I feel like this happens a lot when it comes to nail polish as well. As a kid this was my favorite color, I had the walls painted pastel and everything in my room had to be purple. Even my horribly ugly puffy dress for my nightmareish sweet fifteen was a light purple shade. Can you tell that wasn't a fond memory? Haha. Anyway this ended up being the perfect color scheme for this week especially with the floral nail art. It was actually my anniversary week (8 years to be exact), so I did want a kit that would be a little on the romantic side. It captures the lovey dovey vibe for February without being too overwhelming like so many other Feb kits.

Here is a break down on the items I used this week:

  • Planner - Erin Condren: Vertical Layout in Neutral 
  • Weekly Kit - Passion from Cricket Paper Co
  • Pen Used - Penbel EnerGel Gel Needle Tip 0.7
  • Nail Polish - My Vampire is Buff by OPI

Other Shops I Mentioned:

You know how the last time I was super excited about memory planning that particular week because it brought back a lot of happy moments for me? This felt like the complete opposite. Like pardon the language here, but this was one sad fucking week. And it was back-to-back with the super happy week! Talk about a roller coaster of emotions, it was definitely not fun to look back on much less live through. I know the thought of crying so much over concert tickets may seem very 'first world problems'. For me BTS really saved my life and was the light that I needed to find my way when I had hit my lowest point in life. Short version of a long story, if it wasn't for finding BTS and their music I would probably be here weighing in at over 400 pounds and completely home bound. Something I definitely would like to do in the future is talk more in-depth about how they changed my world, but that's a long story for another time. Anyway that's it for this weeks memory planning, I hope you enjoyed how the spread turned out. As always stay safe and I will catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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