Unboxing: Jeffery Star Cosmetics Valentine 2020 Mystery Box

Hiya guys! I'm here with a beauty related post, which is something I admittedly don't do as often as I should. Makeup in general is not one of my strongest suits even though I would love it to be. Like a girl can do a killer manicure, but can't put on liquid eyeliner without getting it inside her eye. Nothing starts off the day off right like cleaning out black liquid eyeliner gunk from inside your eye. Fun times. But yeah I'm not good at actual makeup and I guess I'm not much better at posting about it either since this is very long overdue. Today I'm sharing an unboxing for the Jeffery Star Cosmetics Valentine's Day Mystery Box. Yup, I said Valentine's Day. I'm a little behind, eh? I was debating skipping this post entirely, but I had it almost done for months before I got insanely sick in February and March. I don't know, I hope you guys don't mind me sharing my thoughts on it now. There hasn't been another round of mystery boxes since this one released, so it'll at least give you an idea on them for whenever the next ones come out.

Jeffery Star Valentine 2020 Mystery Box

I ended up purchasing the Premium mystery box, which was the lowest tier box this time around. I was in the shopping queue for well over twenty minutes and once I reached the front of the line both other boxes were sold out. It ended up working out for the best for me personally and you'll see why later in the post. Let me give you a break down on the tiers and prices because this time around the price range was a little steeper than previous releases. The Premium box retailed for $60 and contained 4 items (3 exclusive). The middle tier was the Deluxe box and retailed for $100 and contained 8 items (3 exclusive). And lastly there was the top tier Supreme box that retailed for $145 and contained 12 items (5 exclusive). 

Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Pop Socket
Jeffery Star | Pop Socket

Our first item in the box is a pop socket with the Jeffery Star logo on it. It's in a beautiful light pink shade and the material on it feels matte and very soft. Definitely a good quality. I think as of right now all pop sockets have only been available as part of a mystery box. I know I did receive one in last years summer box (that I will be posting about later, haha), but there weren't any in the Black Friday boxes. So I'm not entirely sure, don't quote me on it or anything. To be honest, as cute as it is I don't see myself using only because I'm not into pop-sockets. Even though it would probably be a smart thing to use considering how often I drop the phone on my face. I really just don't see myself using it and it's a shame, but not something I hold against the mystery box. Pop-sockets a are very popular item and considering this is a smaller tier box it makes sense that it would be in here. And even though I won't necessarily use this, I much prefer it over getting a sheet of stickers like in the Black Friday box.

Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Beanie Hat
Jeffery Star | Beanie Hat

How freaking adorable is this little beanie hat?! I love the fact that's so super cherry red and bright and fun. I'm a hat person in general, so it was a pretty safe bet that I was going to love this hat regardless. This is officially my first piece of Jeffery Star 'clothing' and I have to say it's pretty well made as far as beanies go. That being said, this isn't an item I can see myself wearing all that often. Mostly because of the hearts in the front. For me they are too much like Valentines candle hearts (I do think that's what it's modeled to be) to be worn year round. Like I'd feel weird about it, ya know. I did wear it for a day or two this year since it managed to arrive a week before Valentines so it wasn't a total waste. It's not really a waste at all because I will definitely be pulling it out next year, but I just wish I could have had more use from it.

Jeffery Star Cosmetics | The Gloss
Jeffery Star | The Gloss
[ on wrist ]
Jeffery Star | The Gloss

So next is the 3rd exclusive item to the mystery box and that is the lip gloss in the color Succulent. I'm not normally a lip gloss wearing kind of girl. Mostly because it reminds me of high-school where all the girls would try to make their lips as shiny as possible to catch the boys attention. In reality everyone just looked like they ate really greasy chicken and didn't wipe their mouths. But I digress, I'm actually pretty pumped about receiving The Gloss. The name sounds so formal, haha. This is actually my first time trying out this brands lip gloss and I have to say I am impressed. Also side note: I'm still practicing my lip swatches so that's why I didn't include one here. Soon though, soon. The formula on this is really nice and not sticky or overbearing on the lips. You can definitely easily layer it over one of the matte liquid lipsticks to switch up the look too. Plus the packaging is kind of unreal, like I said the name sounded formal, but the gloss container looks downright regal.

Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Alien Palette
Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Alien Palette
[ outer box ]
Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Alien Palette
[ palette cover ]
Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Alien Palette
[ inside ]
Jeffery Star Cosmetics | Alien Palette

Now you guys know when I said it was so worth it getting the premium box! Like I freaking screamed when I saw the Alien palette. Legit shrill loud scream. I mean the excitement of scoring a palette in a mystery box is a thrill in its own right, but this one specifically was an extra dose of magic. A little while ago before the release of this box, this was one of two palettes that were discontinued at what seem to be a moments notice. I had no idea! The other discontinued palette was the Thirsty one in case you were curious. But yeah I never had a chance to purchase it and it retailed for $52, so this item alone is the value of this box. I'm so happy this was one of the items in this box and it was only included as part of the premium box! Hence why everything happens for a reason and the other boxes were sold out before I could get on. The palette itself is very green focused - cause you know alien duh - and it's something I definitely don't mind. When it comes to eye-shadow I tend to be much more adventurous than my wardrobe. And because all I wear is black clothing any eye-shadow that I choose to wear will go perfectly, haha.

And that's a wrap on this mystery box! Not a lot of items obviously as this was not the top tier box, but it was definitely more than worth its price point. Like I mentioned in the post, this was the last round of mystery boxes back in February. Last year there were summer mystery boxes, so I'm thinking that will be the next release for us this year. I'm definitely excited and I hope I'm able to score another box no matter the tier level. But yeah that's all I have for you today! Hopefully I can create some makeup looks in the near future once I get some more practice in. Let me know what you think about the mystery box down below or if you scored one yourself. Stay safe and I will catch you next time xoxo Moonbaes.

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  1. I have to say, that eyeshadow palette looks pretty enticing!