Enchanted Polish - Pre-Order Coming Soon!!

2017 Monthly Mysteries - The Year of Nostalgia!

The monthly mysteries this year will be inspired by our highly coveted vintage colors! Each color will be designed around our earliest creations (circa 2012-2013) that have been requested times over by many of you!

Pre-Order Details
Open: Sunday, October 15th, 10am PDT
Close: Sunday, October 15th, 10pm PDT

Mark your calendars and set your alarms!
*Pre-Order colors will be available for 12 hours*

Pre-Order Colors:
  • September 2017
  • October 2017

And now, the inspiration behind July 2017 and August 2017...

“July 2017” was inspired by “Disco Barbie” “Disco Barbie” was originally created in 2012. This one was highly requested!

“August 2017” was inspired by “Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth” “Beautiful Rule Breaking Moth” was first released in 2013 and was part of the Laugh Out Loud Collection!

Photo credit: @pshiiit_polish, @iparallaxe

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